2022 AEC Call for Abstracts is Open to Alternates

It is a pleasure to invite you to Annual Education Conference. The conference is organized by the Colorado Environmental Health Association and it will be at the Elevation Hotel in Crested Butte, Colorado from September 13-16 of 2022.

Guide for speakers:
There are several benefits to being a speaker at this extraordinary conference. You will have free same day admission to the conference and access to all the tracks available, or a discounted full conference pass. You will also have the opportunity to network with your colleagues and get practical feedback if you are interested. You will also be providing a community service by providing education and potentially developing consistency amongst peers.

There are several techniques that make a good presentation for the AEC. Most important is ensuring that the topic of discussion is relevant to environmental public health. More often then not, most presentations are informative, whether they be through program updates, stories about collaboration, and examples from the field. Most presentations opt for a PowerPoint, which will be supported by the AEC. Generally, a good presentation that uses PowerPoint supplements the limited text and many pictures in the slideshow with discussion off the screen. You will have an assigned track lead that can help prepare you for the conference too.  

FAQ for speakers can be found here

Our tracks are currently full. We are able to accept abstracts for alternates, and we are also keeping any potential abstracts to present at our AEC in 2023. To submit your abstract, please click on this link.

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