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Mentoring Program

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  • To provide opportunities for mentors to enrich their contributions to public health and further develop as leaders;
  • To enhance the professional development of the public health mentee;
  • And to strengthen the public health professional workforce network in Colorado.

The vision of the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is to contribute to an engaged, connected, competent public health workforce in Colorado that effectively prevents, promotes, and protects the health of Coloradans.

Mentoring is developmental relationship in which a person nurtures the professional development of another.  Mentoring can create access to career opportunities, improve recruitment and retention, enrich leadership, increase adaptability in the midst of challenges, heighten professional satisfaction and decrease stress and role conflict.

The Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is intended to facilitate the mentoring process among public health professionals in Colorado.  The program was initiated by CPHA in 2012, and expanded in partnership with the Colorado Environmental Health Association (CEHA) and Public Health Nurses Association (PHNAC) in 2014.

The Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is a collaboration among the Colorado Public Health Association (CPHA), Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado (PHNAC), and the Colorado Environmental Health Association (CEHA). Each cohort is selected on an annual basis. Applications for the each cohort will be open in September/October annually. The program will start in January and run through September of each year.

The goals of the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program are:

Mentors and mentees should be current members of CPHA or CEHA.

A commitment of one year is requested with at least monthly in-person or teleconference meetings between the mentor and mentee.  In addition, participation in additional professional development opportunities provided or suggested by the Colorado Public Health Mentoring Program is highly encouraged.

To promote environmental health as a profession, which strives for continual improvement in environmental quality and the growth of individual professionalism.

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