CEHA = Networking = Jobs!


CEHA is a great place to network! It provides exposure to great individuals. Students should be as involved as possible in organizations like CEHA.  The Annual Educational Conference is always full of the leaders in the EH profession and if you haven’t heard…it’s a blast!

Current business employers have many vehicles to utilize when finding future team members. Those employers who excel in their professional field typically engage in one or more professional organizations. This leads to interactions with future employees. CEHA is a great place to find interested and bright individuals who want to go the extra mile to find employment.  It is a place where you can walk right up to potential future employers and give them a great first impression instead of sending a resume blindly.

Personal interaction is a significant factor in gaining employment. As employers do want to have ‘bright’ students come into their office, they also (and sometimes even more so) want personable students. CEHA helps students feel more comfortable around professionals as it is an easy going environment.

Social networking has become the norm…but for whom? Be sure you know the demographics of the company you are trying to attract before you bring an elaborate ‘Facebook’ page to the table. Have this ready in your back pocket, although bring your ‘face’ to the table first.

The following are some major points to remember on your quest:

  • Sending your resume blindly to multiple employers at a time via the internet brings little interest…at least not from the company I work for. We want to see your face and figure out if you would work well with our dynamics.
  • Attending a professional organization such as CEHA will put you in front many future professional and employers.
  • Attending a professional organization such as CEHA will give you continued opportunity to advance in your profession.
  • Be active in the career you are pursuing.
  • Smile
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